Maisie Ladies Headband - Dunedin Cashmere
Maisie Ladies Headband - Dunedin Cashmere
Maisie Ladies Headband - Dunedin Cashmere

Maisie Orange Mix Ladies Rib Headband: Cashmere & Wool Blend

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Step into a vibrant realm of comfort with the Maisie Ladies Rib Headband in the captivating Orange Mix shade. Meticulously crafted from a sumptuous blend of 30% cashmere and 70% wool, this headband offers a unique juxtaposition of plush softness and enduring warmth. It spotlights a classic rib design, further elevated by the signature Knitwear Queen charm, symbolising the pinnacle of craftsmanship and brand distinction. Tailored for universal fit and ideal across seasons, this headband becomes an indispensable addition to the sophisticated woman's collection.

Key Features:

  • Cashmere & Wool Blend: Savour the harmonised warmth of 30% cashmere coupled with the durability of 70% wool.
  • Maisie Rib Design: A timeless design marrying traditional charm with modern flair.
  • Signature Knitwear Queen Charm: An emblem of luxury and authenticity, enriching the headband's appeal.
  • Vibrant Orange Mix Hue: A lively shade that infuses energy and sophistication into any attire.
  • One Size Comfort: Masterfully designed for a universally snug fit.
  • Versatility Across Seasons: Perfect for both crisp winter days and breezy summer evenings.