Here are our buyer’s top tips to help keep your knitwear and wovens in perfect condition.


If recommended, professionally Dry Clean your products to keep it as good as the first day you bought it

Top tip! You don’t need to clean your garments and accessories every time – air first! 


Place your item on a flat surface.

Using a pilling comb, gently remove any bubbles.

Top Tip! Watch for stress points on your products such as crossbody bags rubbing against the garment, adding extra pilling!


Using a gentle washing detergent with lukewarm water and place the garment in the water.

Lightly wash through for 5-10 minutes.

Be careful not to rub as friction can cause damage to the garment.

Top Tip! Turn your item inside out for extra protection on fine yarns.


Rinse through in clean cool water, then gently remove excess water – do not stretch, twist or wring.

Top Tip! Rolling your product in a towel can help squeeze excess water out.


Dry on a flat surface and reshape whilst damp.

Top Tip! Avoid where possible jewellery that is likely to cause catch and snag the yarn.


For extra protection we recommend storing your products in a cloth bag.

Top Tip! Use cedar balls to help keep moths at bay!